What happens at a first treatment?

Your first treatment lasts 40 minutes.
On the first visit, a detailed medical case history is taken which includes the symptoms you are currently feeling. Rebecca will also ask you about your past medical history - your past illnesses, accidents, operations and dental work, and any medication you may be presently taking. Other relevent information including your general well being will also be discussed.
Following this, Rebecca will look at your body and posture and see how the relevent joints and muscles are able to move. Any additional tests will then be carried out. Osteopaths use their hands to get a clearer diagnosis and so Rebecca will gently place her hands on parts of the body such as the head and back.
All this will help to decide on a working diagnosis of what may be causing the symptoms and why they may have developed in the first place.
Treatment involves massaging, stretching and manipulating the joints, or using the gentle technique of cranial osteopathy.
Discussion of your diagnosis, how long it may take to improve as well as advice on stretching, exercise and any other relevent life style changes will follow.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your condition. As a rough guideline acute conditions usually take between 2 and 6 treatments whereas chronic conditions may take longer. In such cases the patient and I will review process regularly to decide how best to proceed.
The aim is to reduce the current symptoms as well as improve the underlying health of the body so as to avoid reoccurence.
Maintenence treatments may also be of benefit to keep aches and pains away. These are usually 3 monthly or 6 monthly depending on the patient's condition.

What should I look for in an osteopath?

Since 2000 all osteopaths are legally required to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) which regulates their practise in the United Kingdom.
In addition, finding an osteopath with which you have a personal rapport, with whom you feel comfortable and who understands what you want from your treatment is important.

What should I wear when visiting an osteopath?

It is easier to see and feel your body when you are undressed to your underwear or wearing loose fitting clothing. You may wish to bring something along to change into.

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